Holley Sommerville-Knott is not your average eleven-year-old. She has done more for this planet in her decade on Earth than many do in a lifetime. Like many girls her age, Holley loves the beach, sports, reading, and dancing. Unlike many girls her age, Holley also loves touring Australia, making documentaries and writing moving music about the problems our Earth faces.

At only eight years old, Holley knew she could use her talents to help important causes. The Australian-native’s mother explained the concept of homelessness to her and it struck a note with the little girl. She started singing for tips to raise money for people suffering from homelessness. And her passion for helping others didn’t stop there. Holley decided to start Stardust Entertainment Foundation, a company where she can use her singing, songwriting, and speaking skills to raise money for various organizations that align with her beliefs.


Holley Sommerville Knot, 11 year old CEO and Eco Warrior


“My mission is to spread kindness and compassion, educate and inspire people to stand up for what they believe in, unite together, and co-create a sustainable and peaceful Mother Earth,” Holley tells One Green Planet.

Holley has already raised money for organizations that care for animals of all shapes and sizes. From donating and raising awareness for Rainforest Rescue, Australian Seabird Rescue, Wires, and Rise of the Eco Warriors to campaigning for the Koalas near her home, nothing will get between this girl and saving the world.

Holley’s Environmental Mission

As an Australian native, Holley has found herself in the middle of a number of the country’s environmental battles. The threat of fracking and expansion of oil operations in the country has put a number of the nation’s most important natural habitats in jeopardy and this is something that Holley is not taking sitting down.

Holley recently spoke at the Rally for the Reef in Byron, Australia, to share her views on why the Australian government should not permit the creation of a massive coal port right in the middle of the iconic Great Barrier Reef.

“Can you believe that a world heritage listed natural wonder of the world is about to be put on the watch list from UNESCO because it’s in danger of dying? The whole reef – it’s the same size as a small country,” Holley explains to One Green Planet. “Our government and mining companies have allowed so many coal ports and dredging, climate change, agricultural run-off to occur, that our reef is in danger. Now they want to put the world’s largest coal port right there!”

Holley Sommerville Knot, 11 year old CEO and Eco Warrior



It is almost unbelievable that such knowledge and understanding of the world’s environmental issues could come from an 11-year-old, but given all that we know about how fossil fuel exploration damages the planet, it is more surprising that more people aren’t as versed as Holley is.

Fracking is another major issue that Holley works on. In the U.S., we have become intimately aware of the hazards hydraulic fracturing poses to both human health and the health of the environment. Many states have stood up to ban this dirty method of gas extraction. A number of municipalities in Australia have also banned fracking, but if Holley has anything to do with it, the process will be banned across the board soon!

Holley Sommerville Knot, 11 year old CEO and Eco Warrior



“I learned a lot about the terrible damage it does to our water Aquifers, land and species and also people who live near,” she explains. “I thought this was something I needed to use my voice and stand up for the communities fighting it. I went to meetings, declaration days, and fundraisers. I also wrote a song called CSG No Way!

One Cool Kid

Holley’s efforts towards making the world a better place have definitely not gone unnoticed. Last year she won a Government Green Globe Award as the Youth Sustainability Champion. She was also Amazing Kids! Magazine’s January Amazing Kid of the month.

“I really hope to inspire and educate my generation to live more consciously and live with more  kindness and compassion – to understand the importance of it – how it’s connected to everything in life, including their own health, relationships and the kind of world we want to live in,” says Holley.



And this girl is doing just that. Her plans may be ambitious, but it is this type of ambition and dedication that our world needs in order to improve. Holley aspires to end factory farming, testing on animals and all forms of cruelty. She supports renewable energy and healthy food options. For such a young mind, she seems to have it all figured out!

If you would like to learn more about Holley, her amazing organization and all the great work she is doing, you can visit her website here or follow her on Facebook. We look forward to seeing all that this truly amazing kid is going to accomplish in the future!

Image source: Holley Sommerville/Facebook