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When it comes to debating which is better, overall, eating plant-based or eating a diet heavy in meat and dairy, there are countless (extremely heated) arguments on both ends. One can argue that eating more plants is better for your health, the other can argue that there are humane ways to raise animals for meat consumption. We could go in circles all day – but what these questions often fail to ask is how we are going to feed a rising population, which is set to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, with our current food system.

We might not be readily aware of this fact, but our current global food system is already being pushed to its absolute limit and as it stands, we are running out of land and water to produce more monoculture crops that primarily go towards feeding livestock. When you look at the volume of corn and soy we grow versus how many people are suffering from food insecurity, it becomes pretty clear we’re feeding our “food” more effectively than we’re feeding people. So how do you unite these feuding fronts to create a viable food system that can support the planet, people, and animals? Well, Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary has some pretty impactful ideas.

Gene has spent the past 30 years fighting for a more just food system and in the latest episode of #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias, he explains that there is a lot that meat-eaters and vegans have in common. They may seem diametrically opposed but advocates on both sides are looking to eat according to their values and interests. Gene dives into how consumer habits are influencing the food industry and encouraging a shift away from animal proteins towards innovative plant-based alternatives. He believes the solutions to feeding the population and maintaining the integrity of the environment are fairly simple and the infrastructure for change is already in place. 

If you’re interested in learning how we as individuals and community members can help build a food system that benefits people’s health, animals, and the planet – starting right now – check out this inspiring and empowering interview.


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11 Months Ago

But what about the animals we keep as pets? Cats and dogs around the world need to eat other animals, without exception. What would you expect us to do with our pets? What would you expect us to feed them?
Changing the industry is just as important as us people not eating meat, because no matter how much I don\'t eat meat myself, I feed my family of furbabies meat everyday for every meal.

1 Years Ago

We not only need to move towards a plant based diet but we need to simplify our diet. We don\'t need fancy dips in a jar, vegan meats and cheeses, and so-called healthy cereal in a box. We need to get back to basics and make our meals from scratch using organic tofu, nuts, seeds, oils, fruit, vegetables and herbs and spices. The variety in these foods is more than enough. So many people, including vegans, are obsessed with food. They talk about it constantly, compare what they had for lunch, spend hours surfing the thousands of recipe websites, scour the shops for the latest vegan fad foods, and hold potlucks with enough food to feed an army. There is so much unnecessary eating and so much food wasted, even among vegans. Eat smart, eat simple and eat to live, rather than live to eat.

23 Jun 2017

I agree but when it comes to SOY such as Tofu products,,,I have read from reliable sources on-line such as
Dr. Mercola\'s site that you should completely stay away from soy products, i.e. such as tofu. I love tofu...is he right??

02 Jul 2017

The truth about soy is very confusing. For many foods there are supporters and critics, both citing selective studies. There are many other beans and legumes but you would be hard-pressed to find a multitude of studies focusing on them. I think the ordinary soy bean has been getting a lot of attention because it has become a billion dollar industry.

Why would only one edible bean become so deadly in its evolution? I don\'t know the answer but I will continue to consume products made from soy beans as well as kidney beans, black beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, etc.

Perhaps I should have wrote \'beans\' rather than \'tofu\' in my original post. :)

02 Jul 2017


john pasqua
1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

We are finding out that most animals inherited the same affection for their own species and the human species. Also animals are aware of their existence as are humans. Humans are after all just animals. To kill and eat an animal is a gross injustice and is not necessary for the health of humans and all animals. If you have witnessed the killing of an animal you will see that they are as terrified of the coming death as are humans. If you are religious the bible demands in Genesis that all animals will eat the plants of the earth. No mention is made of eating each other. I love all the animals of the earth even the insects and all life is sacred to me and should not be taken from its owner. The only exception is the common law right to use deadly force to prevent your own life from being taken from you by force.


1 Years Ago

I eat for the ANIMALS! I eat for the victims of agriculture born only for human pleasure and profit. I eat plant-based for the sake of every individual cow, pig, chicken, turkey, lamb, calf, duck, hog, goose, fish, etc. Because they matter, they count.

If you can "eat for the planet," you can eat "for the animals\' sake," too.

Moderation: Ask the animals, "Would you like to die in moderation?" There\'s no such thing as killing in moderation.

Moderation: Ask the planet, "Would you like being destroyed IN MODERATION?"


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