Anyone who watches the news today has experienced that overwhelming sinking feeling while staring at the screen. It seems like today’s world is faced with crisis after crisis and these issues are so vastly complicated that we have no hope of ever solving them. (Hopefully just thinking about all the things that seem to be going wrong with the world didn’t trigger too much anxiety in you — if so, take a second and breathe, we have something positive to get to!)

We see a lot of reporting on the impact of climate change, usually detailing the mass destruction of hurricanes, “Superstorms,” Nor’easters, “bomb cyclones,” drought, and hunger crises. But we rarely see any coverage on what is causing the destabilization of our climate and consequent weather systems. We see coverage of solutions even less so. It’s no wonder that most people ignore the issues altogether; it’s just too much to take in and no one feels like they’re in control.


What if we told you that you DO actually have a lot of control and you can take meaningful action to combat climate change three times (or more!) a day … and there is a good chance you might already be unwittingly doing it!

Eat For The Planet, a new book from Nil Zacharias, the co-founder of One Green Planet, and acclaimed author Gene Stone, dives deep into how industrialized animal agriculture is at the heart of our current environmental crises and proposes a simple solution through food. This is possibly the most expansive book written on the topic and it covers how factory farming is connected to land and water pollution, deforestation, species extinction, and world hunger. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, the authors also discuss how we can all “eat for the planet” and start to undo a lot of damage by shifting our food choices.

Are you ready to learn how you can minimize your carbon footprint, save water, feed people in need, AND help protect the world’s biodiversity? Good. The Eat For The Planet audiobook is now available for pre-order on Audible! You can listen to it in the car, on the subway, at work, or just while walking down the street – and it comes with an accompanying reference guide that is packed with fun and informative graphics.

If you’re sick of feeling helpless and want to start making a difference every time you sit down for a meal, it’s time to get your copy!



Image source: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock