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When we think of pets and companion animals, there are a handful of animals that come to mind: cats and dogs are a sure shot, and maybe guinea pigs and rabbits make the cut too. But farm animals are hardly ever considered within this category. And why would they be? From a young age, we’re taught that some animals are our friends and others are dirty creatures that belong outdoors or animals who simply exist to become food – so we shouldn’t become attached.

Because of this, we get to know animals as their characterizations and stereotypes – pigs love mud, chickens aren’t very smart, the list goes on. But what if we told you that farm animals and our pets really aren’t that different after all?

In fact, pigs are highly intelligent and can learn their names and perform tricks on command, chickens have amazing memories, and cows have best friends just like we do and get stressed when they’re apart. While the majority of people who have never interacted with farm animals might be content to ignore the truth about these animals, there are many others who choose accept and embrace them instead.

The kind people at Hof Butenland Farm Sanctuary are a few of those people.

As you can see from this stunning photo, to the staff at Hof Butenland there is very little difference between cows and dogs.



Just like dogs, cows love their human friends – they remember their faces and ask for belly rubs and snuggles just as readily, and they have a knack for remembering people who were kind to them, holding grudges against those who aren’t.

The truth is all animals just want to be loved and live out their days in a safe, comfortable environment. Sadly, this is something that most farm animals never experience. Most cows will either be subjected to a short life in a filthy, crowded feedlot before heading to slaughter or, if they’re in the dairy industry, repeatedly impregnated only to have their babies taken away and then hooked up to a milking machine for the duration of their lives. This is hardly the sort of existence these animals deserve.

If we could all see animals as someones instead of somethings, the world would be a much kinder place.

To learn more about Hof Butenland, click here.

Image source: Hof Butenland/Facebook

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71 comments on “Gorgeous Photo of Woman Petting a Cow and Dog Will Change the Way You See Farm Animals”

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Edwin Wells
1 Years Ago

You seem to lack understanding at least about the life of beef cattle. There may be a small number treated like you say but the majority have a very different life. Even in the northern U.S. cows have at least 6 months of the year roaming to their hearts content in large pastures, usually 1000\'\'s of acres with their calves by their sides. In winter they are brought into smaller areas to be feed and assisted with birthing when that occasionally is needed. A great deal of work and money goes into growing, storing, and feeding these animals, so of course most of the yearlings are sent for "finishing" for 3-6 months. This of course is the unpleasant part but there are large expenses. Without people literally devoting their lives for their care very, very few would survive in the wild. I have grown and bought feed for tens of thousand cows over my life. I know they have individual personalities and they have their friend cows who you will find hanging out together even in 3000 acre pastures. I always have my "pet" cows that I can go up to anywhere, anytime and put my arms around their necks and their favorite, scratch their briskets. Some of those truly hate other humans and will paw the ground and shake their heads at them. I believe most cattle ranchers feel much the way I do so quit saying how inhumane we are. Yes I do not like the agribusiness and factory farms but the demand for cheaper food by consumers and the greed for more profits by businesses are what created and perpetuate the abuse.

B.E. Packard
1 Years Ago

We can sort of identify an animals intelligence and knowledge of what is going on. Many are familiar with dogs and cats. I have a dog thay goes crazvy when I take him to the vet he was neutered at. Dogs and cats have definite memories, emotions, and I hope souls. The picture shows a woman who looks much like old girlfirend, A veterinarian who had an animal hospital and ranch. She would tell me weeekly about how she had to put down this animal or that. I thought shocking, tho I myself was prepared to take a life to save one if necessary.(Never Happened, but as a firefighter, we won some, lost some)I\'ve always thought of chicken, maybe Turkeys, fish, as lower forms, a food source. But even so they deserve a decent existence while alive.
My girlfriend took me on her rounds often. One day after going through orchards, and stables, we fed a couple of cows, male and female. They cam u to us, and yes I was giving hime food, I felt a bond with the little boy cow. They tried to follow us as we left. They had food, water and shelter, plus 2 acres to share.
We lived 120 miles apart, but met every week. One day she brought me meat. The name of the cow I fed was in black marker on the package, His name, a cow, I fed.
Many years before, I drove a semi hauling swing meat in refrigersted trailers from Iowa or Kansas to New York or Jersey. I got a load and walked up the stairway to get papers,;The railing was slimy and disgusting. Pigs are smart, I work the everglades now, They know I\'m not a threat, we coexist. But hunting season on wild hogs in Florida? All year long. The cows panic, when led to slaughter, they know. At least a fish is just trying for a bite. I\'m not vegan, raised an adventist so meat is in and out of my life. But is more out than in. Like someone else said, CL Smith needs to be dinner. It will happen. We need to wean from meat, we need other sources.

john pasqua
1 Years Ago


CL Smith
1 Years Ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. More PROPAGANDA from Onegreenplanet. Dogs and cows are the same. Did you ever stop to think that if people gave in the their campaign of not eating meat that NONE of these animals would ever have been born at all--even for a short stay on our planet? After all, you can\'t keep cattle as pets because most cities won\'t allow such and thing. And people aren\'t going to be able to afford even a baby farm to keep a small herd.

Humans WILL NEVER stop eating meat. Get over it and move on.

CL Smith
1 Years Ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. More PROPAGANDA from Onegreenplanet. Dogs and cows are the same. Did you ever stop to think that if people gave in the their campaign of not eating meat that NONE of these animals would ever have been born at all--even for a short stay on our planet? After all, you can\'t keep cattle as pets because most cities won\'t allow such and thing. And people aren\'t going to be able to afford even a baby farm to keep a small herd.

Humans WILL NEVER stop eating meat. Get over it and move on.

1 Years Ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah. MORE PROPAGANDA FROM ONEGREENPLANET. Cattle are JUST LIKE dogs. Uh, huh. Ever stop to think though, that if YOU prescribe to their "don\'t eat meat" campaign MOST OF THESE ANIMALS will never have been born? Because, if they were, they\'d most probably have to be euthanized because most people don\'t have the room to keep them as pets. THEN HOW WILL ONEGREENPLANET get you to sob in your beers about the poor, poor cattle?????


1 Years Ago

Ghandi said that we can judge a nation or a people by how they treat animals still stands.
When we see serial so called \'hunters\' taking pleasure in filling animals full of arrows,
or bull fighting or pig sticking (spain) or pit bull attrocities, factory farm horrors now with the GOP
Gag Laws protecting the owner/villains who torture them alive, lab animals, military experimentation,
usda \'meat\' science labs doing unthinkable things to live animals - all this unbelievably insane, sadistic
horror in the name of money or \'food\'? they torture and poison the animal feeding them waste products and
we eat them and get cancers, kids with hormone issues that dont know what sex they are etc. etc.
Our cruelty and our looking the other way while we ingest so many toxins that are meat and dairy will
come back to haunt us more each day. There will be new pharmaceuticals for all the new faux \'diseases\' they
want to sell us that come directly from the meat and dairy industry. Then we have the so called 1st Amendment
idiots buying up machine guns and all kinds of arms to blow away animals in the wild like their playing war games
on video, not giving a damn about the pain and suffering they are causing innocent animals on their own lands.
NRA pushing hunting clubs all over the world that are creating sadistic serial killers of animals in our youth with girls
using pink bullets etc. and hunting endangered species for \'thrills\' like trumps sons to. We are in deep trouble as a society
where up is down and down is up. No more family values, real civility or humanity. Just buy, buy, buy and no interest
about where something comes from or anything being okay for a sadistic thrill. We used to call this insanity and sociopathism,
now we call it \'conservative\' or NRA or you\'re a wimp if you chose to eat correctly and cleanly and cool if your obese with
bleached spiked hair. Even our tv shows use obese actors continually as they do in commercials to dumb us down and make
being unhealthy cool and intelligent about what you put into your body uncool. It is all connected and this is what our so called
capitalistic society has created for us, a totally unfair, inhumane sewer and look at the insanity that is now our White House, Congress and Senate. The demons have taken over and we are loosing all of our protections and all of our animal and wildlife protections too. America should be leading the way with progress and yet we lead on corruption, wars for profit and totally insanity. Lead by holier than thou hypocrites called Republicans, their donars in high places and all those complicit in hiding Trumps dossier from the American people so that they can get all of their insane bills passed first. Ghandi was totally correct.
It leads to all of these things and degrades society totally when we allow ill treatment of anybody. Starting with animals.

19 Mar 2017

It\'s NOT political. It\'s greed. Period. Deforestation and pipelines that leak for months without anyone "noticing"--stuff like that--it\'s ALL greed.

Nancy McGinnis
1 Years Ago

Animals are Amazing and folks who are kind and caring of Animals are Amazing too.


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