Thousands of animals, including dogs and cats, are currently locked away in laboratories where they are being used for research and testing. These animals never see the light of day, never get pet or held, and are exposed to painful procedures that leave them scared, lonely, and broken. When the testing is finished, many of them are killed. Our animal advocacy group, Rescue + Freedom Project, has been informing the public about the reality of animal testing through our rescues and we have just launched our “Cut The Cruelty” campaign, which will shine a light on companies with cruel ties to animal testing.

The first company we investigated is Marshall Pet Products, a pet supply retailer that sells toys and treats for ferrets, dogs, and other companion animals. The “about page” on their website states, “at Marshall we are continually researching and developing new products in order to enhance the special bond that pet owners have with their pets.” Their customers are mostly ferret and dog owners, meanwhile, this company is also the largest United States supplier of beagles, ferrets, and other animals that are used in laboratory experiments.


When Rescue + Freedom Project researched the company, we found that Marshall Pet Products is just one arm of the company. They are also breeding and selling animals specifically for research purposes under the name of Marshall Farms Ltd., or Marshall BioResources. Marshall Pet Products and Marshall BioResources are based just minutes away from each other in upstate New York and have the same key executives and the same annual revenue of $11.666 billion dollars – this proved that the two companies were one in the same.

Marshall Pet Products is calculating, dishonest and deceiving people who love their pets and buy these products without knowing the truth about the company they are purchasing from. We reached out to the retailers that sell Marshall Pet Products to let them know the reality of this company. We were excited when ended the sale of Marshall Pet Products and we have faith that their decision will persuade other retailers to replace Marshall Pet Products with items from compassionate companies.

Rescue + Freedom Project will continue to make the public aware of other companies that are testing on animals, participating in other forms of abuse and misleading consumers through our Cut The Cruelty campaign, which will help bring awareness to this inhumane practice and help save the lives of innocent animals. What you can do: Look for Marshall Pet Products at your local pet stores. If you see those products, inform the manager of what Marshall Pet Products really stands for, and why they should not be supporting this retailer.

Until our next Cut The Cruelty investigation, we want to encourage advocates to get politically active by calling or emailing a legislator in support of animal protection bills and by making minor lifestyle changes like leaving fur, leather, and wool out of their wardrobe or avoiding animal exploitive entertainment, like SeaWorld or circuses with animals. Small choices like these can make a major positive impact on the lives of animals!


Image Source: Pixabay