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Nearly everyone can say that they love animals — they are different in their own ways and they allow us to be a part of their lives. Many of us have had a companion animal who touched our lives in some way, or even a chance encounter with a wild animal that gave us a new perspective on life.

However, there’s a select few of us who take our love of animals to a whole new level, not that there’s anything wrong with that, we think it’s pretty great.

These are the hopeless animal lovers, the quirky ones who are not ever afraid to show just how much they love their companion animals. Maybe this is you or someone you know — how many of our signs do you match? Embrace your inner hopeless animal lover and know that you will always have that special furry (or scale-y, fuzzy, tail-y, etc.) someone influencing and inspiring your life.

1. You have a Facebook page for your dog, cat, bird, rat, etc. Or you list them as your son/daughter. 

2. Your phone is full of images of your pet or favorite animal, as is your Instagram account and social media feeds.


Image Source: Flickr

3. You probably sleep in animal printed pajamas, have animal slippers, or a favorite animal themed piece of jewelry.


Image Source: Flickr

4. You take vacations to animal sanctuaries and volunteer at shelters on a weekly or daily basis.


5. You buy your pet an expensive habitat or toy when all they really want is to chew on your shoe or that piece of cardboard on the floor!


Image Source: Flickr

6. You let your pet sleep on your bed, even if it causes you (or your partner) to sleep in a tiny section and wake up cramped. At least you wake up next to a loving face and maybe a tail wag, right?


7. Fur-covered clothing doesn’t even bother you anymore, it’s a badge of honor.


Image Source: Flickr

 8. You always brake for animals crossing the road, and usually say something like, “Aww move along little buddy!” Or if it’s a turtle, you pull over, help the turtle cross the road, and then go back on with your day.


9. Your house might be filled with figurines, paintings, and other paraphernalia of your favorite animal. Cat-themed teapots, anyone?


10. Your pet is listed as a beneficiary on your will. Yes, sometimes people give it all to little fifi and fido. 

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4 comments on “10 Signs You are a Hopeless Animal Lover”

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Kristen W.
2 Years Ago

... This is me... Especially with the turtles. When I lived in Florida as a child, I must've "saved" about twenty turtles.

2 Years Ago

The most important thing - animals are not just cats and dogs - YOU GO VEGAN!

2 Years Ago

Yep, that's me all right. And yes I make a special meal for my dog even before I make dinner for my husband and me.

Kristina Pepelko
2 Years Ago

Cracks me up. LOVE this.


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