“And it was unusual. Then, we took a closer inspection [and] we realized that they were unable to walk,” said shelter founder Jillian Raughton.“We do feel this was intentionally done because we did find the ant poison granules actually in the water bucket.”

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While most of the dogs survived the incident, others were not so lucky, including a Siberian Husky named Sara did not survive her poisoning. Four of the dogs have made a recovery, while three are still not out of the woods. The shelter is offering regular updates on the poisoned animals’ progress on their Facebook Page.

Even for the dogs who recovered, the poisoning could have lifelong adverse health effects on the animals.


“They are not out of the clear, we are trying to put weight back on them. Like I said, these dogs seized for over 24 hours,” said Raughton.

“Thankfully” she added “The dogs that survived are doing great.”

The dog’s assailant has not yet been identified, and an $1,000 reward is currently on the table for any tips that lead to the apprehension of the culprit.

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