Can’t resist smiling back when that cool lady at the post office flashes you a happy grin? Then your animal bestie is probably a goat.

According to a recent study published by The Royal Society, 20 goats residing at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in the United Kingdom were not only able to differentiate between the angry and happy faces made by their humans in photographs — but, they were partial to the happy photos.


This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to goat devotees out there, as plenty of evidence has shown goats boast intelligence levels on par with dogs and an ability to emotionally bond with humans as well. Plus, how can you resist the adorableness of a goat? C’mon, they have little beards and their ears are all flappy and awesome.

Not convinced that goats are the perfect BFF? Here are 10 reasons to dig them the most:


1. They do NOT have time for that.

Ever met a goat who’s willing to put up with even an ounce of shenanigans? Nor have we.

2. They care about the muscle tension you’ve been carrying in your lumbar vertebrae.

Good spinal alignment is the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle, after all.



3. If you end up on Live PD, they’re that friend who will spring you from jail.

A Goat Named Fred, from Hackettstown, New Jersey escaped a livestock auction house and then proceeded to bust other animals out over the course of the last year whilst living on the lam. Animal bro level = 2000

NY Post

4. You won’t find yourself arguing with them over where to go for dinner on Friday.

Because, like you, goats are herbivores. Yus, queen.

 Dudarev Mikhai/Shutterstock

5. Your goat bestie completely respects your space.

While known to live in herds, goats tend to be more on the independent side — so, you’re not going to suddenly find yourself in a stage 5 clinger situation.

6. They’ll reenact that scene from Mission Impossible 2 with you.

Goats are surefooted, natural climbers. We’re sure you probably are too, but actually just in case, maybe leave this one to them. And Ethan Hunt.

7. They’ll help you achieve your fitness goals.

Goat friends don’t let their friends skip leg day.

8. Can we just say they have the cutest babies ever?

Just look! Look at the baby. LOOK AT THAT FACE! 

Nataliia Melnychuk/Shutterstock

9. A pajama party/Netflix night will never be more fun.

You guys can get cozy and binge watch Children of the Horn, full seasons of The Love Goat, or The Walking Dead. What? Their interests aren’t only goat related, please don’t put them in an entertainment box based on your preconceived notions of what constitutes appropriate goat programming.


10. Like you and me, they just want quality time with their bros.

Independent though they may be, goats are still herd animals and are happiest when they have buddies. Which is why you put them on your speed dial in the first place, right?


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Lead image source: Nataliia Melnychuk/Shutterstock