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Rats are often labeled as dirty, creepy, pests, and a number of other terrible things that make humans believe that rats are not worthy of our time or care. The pariahs of restaurants, sewers, and subways, rats are ignored whenever possible, and sadly, killed when they are noticed. Rat traps are a rather ubiquitous staple in any basement or old building, but this is not the only way that humans act out against these four-legged critters.

It is estimated that 100 million rats and other rodents are killed in U.S. laboratories every year. Used for a wide variety of tests and experiments ranging from toxicology to psychological tests, rats suffer a lifetime of pain, torture, and fear in the name of “science.” While many people are outraged to learn that animals like cats and dogs are used for lab tests, but the rat is sort of a “given” for the type of animal that would be used for such horrible experiments. Rats can’t speak for themselves, and due to their bad reputation, there aren’t a whole lot of people willing to speak up for them.

But contrary to popular belief, rats aren’t filthy pests, they are intelligent, social, and emotional beings. So, let’s take a look at some rats prove these creatures deserve to be loved, not tortured in labs.


Like humans, rats are very social animals and they need companionship in their lives.

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onFlickr

Rats are scavengers by nature and will eat pretty much anything they find, but healthy rats far prefer peas over cheese.

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onDustyRat.com

Speaking of eating … we dare you to look at this guy and not be overcome with cuteness!

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onflickr

Rats are friendly and very curious little creatures, anyone who has kept as rat as a companion knows they love to curl up in tiny nooks and cuddle.

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onflickr

Don’t let their tiny heads fool you, these little guys are packing some major brain power!

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onimgur

Rats possess the same ability as dogs to think critically and puzzle through situations .

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onKarasratworld.tumblr.com

You would think that after years of forcing these little guys to run through mazes, people would appreciate their intelligence!

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested ontheverybesttop10.com

While they can be serious,these guys are really just looking to play.

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested onalittlebitofsillinessreally.tumblr.com

Did you know that rats have families just like we do, and love to have fun with their friends? Studies have shown that rats even laugh when they’re tickled!

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested oneffyeahrats.tumblr.com

Despite the fact that rats are dynamic, intelligent beings, they are  afforded very little protection from harm. Rats and mice not even protected by the Animal Welfare Act. 

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested oneffyeahpetrats.tumblr.com

So now that you know all this about rats … do you still think they deserve to be tested on?

Proof Rats Should be Loved, Not Tested ondustyrat.com

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Ziggy Coxon
3 Years Ago

Lovely article, except one thing :P I\'ve had rats 16 years, I rescue them, have had over 250 pass through these doors, from all backgrounds, including a wild rat and...................there are VERY few I can mention that would legitimately prefer peas to cheese! If given the choice, 95% of rats would go for the cheese. Rats LOVE anything with a high fat content. By nature, they go for the higher value foods with higher energy and fat content. Thats not the say they don\'t like peas and greens; they do. And obviously you wouldn\'t feed them cheese as anything other than an occasional treat, but its just a fact that the vast majority of rats would go for the fatty, greasy, sugary foods over the healthy ones by choice; just like we do.
Their favourite is chicken, bones included. Absolute feeding frenzy.

Susan Brumfield
3 Years Ago

I had a pet rat that my mom couldn\'t stand because it was a rat. Well she would try to get rid of it by taking it outside and letting it go free. So what did my pet rat do? Well it would be waiting outside its cage trying to get in. No matter how many times she tried to set it free. My rat showed my mom it was free as my pet. Do I think rats should be used for testing I labs NO.


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