There’s only one thing sweeter than a happy pig, and that’s TWO happy pigs! No one knows for sure where these two close friends, Maybelle and Anna came from, but it’s likely that they escaped from a transport truck. They still had their tails which means they did not come from a factory farm because tail docking is usually performed within a month of birth in these facilities. What is likely is that they were headed to a stockyard where they would be sold and raised by someone else for slaughter. Luckily, their lives have a much happier ending.

The Rescue

Fortunately, when they were first spotted running along a highway in Georgia, it was by animal activist Julia Robertson. It took Julia two days to catch these girls as they were both understandably terrified. Julia was eventually able to gain their trust with treats and some patience. She got them into a crate and not a moment too soon as these babies needed some care!


Poor Maybelle had an infected eye and Anna was limping while she walked. Julia brought them home and made them a pile of blankets where the pair quickly snuggled up and were fast asleep. Julia arranged for a vet visit to get rid of their scabies and upper respiratory infections. As she got to know this affectionate duo in the days that followed it became very clear that they had a very close bond and were dependent on each other. Julia knew she would have to find them a home where they could stay together.

Maybelle and Anna would need a lot of medical attention, but most of all, they needed love.

Meet the Adorable Pigs that Made Jon and Tracey Stewart Fall in Love on the Spot!

A Forever Home With The Stewarts

Julia reached out to PETA and the story of the little piglets caught the attention of a former Farm Sanctuary worker. Arrangements were made with the staff at Farm Sanctuary’s location in New York who immediately took them in. But the journey didn’t stop there! As fate would have it, their future parents Tracey Stewart, an animal activist and “Do Unto Animals” author, and her husband Jon Stewart, former host of “The Daily Show,” were taking a tour of the sanctuary and fell in love with them right away. When Jon Stewart announced he would be retiring and starting a farm sanctuary in New Jersey, it was a natural fit that these special piglets would join them. And so they said they would make Maybelle and Anna a part of their family and raise them at Farm Sanctuary’s New Jersey shelter.

Tracey Stewart with her adopted piggies.

Meet the Adorable Pigs that Made Jon and Tracey Stewart Fall in Love on the Spot!

Maybelle and Anna love their new home at The Stewart Family’s Farm Sanctuary in New Jersey.

Meet the Adorable Pigs that Made Jon and Tracey Stewart Fall in Love on the Spot!

Famous Like Mom and Dad

Not only are Maybelle and Anna’s parent famous, but these two little pigs are gaining a social media following that rivals the Kardashians. Their Facebook page, The Daily Squeal, has more than 27,500 fans who watch as they enjoy the life they and all animals deserve. These two now get to spend their days running through fields, eating fresh pumpkins, and best of all, playing in the mud! Their fame has brought attention to the unique and intelligent personalities of pigs.

Best of luck to you Maybelle and Anna and many thanks to the people who make it possible for their voices to be heard. The shelter won’t be officially open for visitors until late 2016, but until then, we’ll enjoy their posts and updates through the The Daily Squeal.

Stars in the making.

Meet the Adorable Pigs that Made Jon and Tracey Stewart Fall in Love on the Spot!

All image source: The Daily Squeal/Facebook