Pigs are some of the most misunderstood animals. They are often viewed as stupid and filthy, but studies show that pigs have excellent long-term memories, can comprehend simple languages, exhibit empathy, and can even maneuver a video game with a joystick. Can your pet do that? Pigs can learn their names and do tricks just like dogs, yet rather than being treated with care and respect, they are treated like the little pig featured in the photo below.

This is no life at all for a pig.

This Heartbreaking Photo of a Pig Shows Exactly Why Animals Shouldn't be Treated This Way




This heartbreaking image of pig is the tragic reality faced by more than 65 million pigs on factory farms on any given day. Despite their amazing intelligence and emotional capabilities, these animals are rarely seen as anything more than a number. This pig may not have a name, but all it takes is one look into those expressive eyes to know she is someone, not something.

We can all help change this reality for pigs by raising awareness for how wonderful and dynamic they truly are. All animals deserve to be treated with love and respect, and not end up on our plates as bacon.

Featured image source: Imgur