Author, Public Health Professor, and former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is set to release a children’s book aimed at introducing children to endangered species, according to her official Twitter Account.

Ms. Clinton tweeted the announcement this afternoon, along with a picture of illustrator Gianna Marino’s beautiful cover art.


Source: Chelsea Clinton/Twitter 

“Don’t Let Them Disappear” will focus on 12 endangered animals, and how crucial it is we protect them from extinction. Clinton’s first book, ‘She Persisted,’ offered children a look into 13 inspirational women, with the aim of introducing young children to feminism. Her newest book seems to have a similar goal of getting children accustomed to important issues at n early age. Ms. Clinton’s book is the latest in a growing trend of children entertainment with a focus on animal rights. Plenty of books and movies already aim to create empathy between children and animals, although none in recent memory have had such a notable author as Ms. Clinton.

The Clinton family continues to advocate for animal rights worldwide. Chelsea’s father, former president Bill Clinton, credits veganism for his exceptional health. Hillary and Bill Clinton have also invested in animal welfare worldwide, funding projects like WildlifeDirect, part of an $80 million effort started in 2013 by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to save Africa’s elephants and end poaching.

The book could not have come at a better time, as animals in the wild face major threats to their existence from climate change, deforestation, and poaching. Thankfully, more and more prominent voices are speaking out and enacting change to ensure our children can live in a world filled with all the amazing they read about when they were younger.


The book is scheduled for Publication April 2nd, 2019.

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