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At certain times, we may know what our companion animals are talking to us about. We understand their meows and woofs and know what they mean when they want food, want to go out, want to play, or just want some good ole’ petting. However, at other times, we can’t be quite sure of what they’re saying or what they’re thinking.

One such time is when we find our feline companion chirping at outdoor birds, and there are a number of theories out there about why cats “chirp.”

According to Modern Cat magazine, some behaviorists believe that “these sounds are driven by cats’ unquenchable hunting drive,” and while experts aren’t positive about a chirp’s use, some think it “is meant to reassure prey [while] preparing for a killing bite.”

Others believe that cats chirp out of frustration since they are unable to catch their prey, and yet another theory is that a chirp is simply how a cat “controls his over-the-top excitement at spotting the bird,” according to Cat Behavior Associates.

And so, while no one knows for sure what on Earth cats are saying when they chirp or what they’re doing it for, we do know two things with certainly: that their little bird imitations are adorable and hilarious. Check out the five videos below and see what we mean.

1. Leo strikes up a little convo with some birds on the outdoor deck

2. Feliciano chats up the crows hanging around outside

3. A Norwegian forest cat wants to be one with the birds

4. Maine Coons Flauschy, Frieso, and Lily hold a discussion with some visiting city birds

5. This little kitten is already quite the talker!

Image source: Pete / Flickr

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26 comments on “5 Hilariously Silly Videos of Cats Talking to Birds”

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Lucy Black
4 Years Ago

I was told that it was an instinctive thing - when they kill a small prey like a bird, they repeatedly clamp their teeth together really quickly to break the small bones of the animal. So this strange thing they do when looking at a bird is a reflex.

Ashlee Danielle Valerio
4 Years Ago

Kamran Siddiqui I know you'll love this

Evan C. Williams
4 Years Ago


Helo Nova
4 Years Ago

Funny for humans, not so funny for birds. The feline is in hunting trance to get that bird. Just feline instinct, no human can blame them for the nature they came from, but it is not graved in stone, they can become vegan animals and find their energy sources in plants. The separation of carnivore, omnivore and herbivore is for laymen. Biologists knows these are just stereotypes for the crowd. You biologist please come forward, unbiased...

Kara Elyse
4 Years Ago


Ann Dangelo
4 Years Ago

My cats used to do the same thing

Jennifer Eide Bibler
4 Years Ago

As a child, I would watch my cat do this as she stalked her prey. She was very successful at bird hunting so I am in the camp with those who believe it has something to do with reassuring the bird before the kill.

Katherine Li
4 Years Ago

Very cute, makes my bed time story after a long day.....funny thing is I never see my cats chirp, they only stares the birds

Colleen Lewis
4 Years Ago

They are "charming the birds out of the trees"!!!

Christopher A. Otto
4 Years Ago

Joan Concilio Otto


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