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Animal Rescue Hotlines

Find Local Hotlines to Help Rescue Abandoned, Injured, Stranded, Sick, and Lost Animals in Need.
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    9 comments on “Animal Rescue Hotlines”

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    Marilyn Parr
    1 Months Ago

    Several weeks ago in upstate NY, we saw a fawn which was hit and laying on the roadside with it\'s Mom standing near it with the saddest eyes asking us for help. My daughter stopped the car, gave it some water and then we started making calls. First, we called the police and someone said they were on their way. We waited for 1.2 hour and no one showed. Then we started making calls to animal rescues and each place gave us another number to call. We made approx. 12 phone calls but no one wanted to help us with this little fawn which we know could have been rescued. Very sad day for us. It truly broke our hearts.

    Patricia Harper
    1 Years Ago

    I live in Massillon Ohio and have a problem with a neighbor across the street from me. He has a gorgeous black pit bull with some white on it that is only six months old. The dog seems very friendly; when I see it. That\'s the problem. There is a small porch attached to the house and the puppy is kept in there in a very small cage. He cant even stand up. I didn\'t see any food or water in the cage. The poor thing cries and cries for long periods throughout the day and night whether the owner is there or not. It is very hot here. I am beside myself, listening to this horrific abuse and neglect. The owner might give him away if I could find a home for him. Can anybody help?

    [email protected]
    11 Jul 2015

    Call animal control or the police. Also if he is willing to give you the dog, take the animal and then take him to a rescue place. But please do something to save this animal!!!

    Miriam Hayes
    19 Jul 2016

    You can call me with where this dog is an address. I am on facebook and you can message me Miriam McCormick Hayes, I can find a home for it if they surrender it. If not, call animal control and get pictures of the dog without food or water or shelter and I will help it.

    Darlene Wedding
    1 Years Ago

    I own three Savannah female cat\'s.The negitive comments I see posted are far from the truth.I did my researh when adopting these cats.I visited the cattery\'s and pick out my kitten\'s.They are more energetic and requre attention,so do domestic pets if you are a resonsible owner.Their behavior is far better than my DSH who growls hisses and bites if he doesn\'t get his way.They are affectionate and sweet natured.There cats who thru neglect and irresponsible breeders who give little care and attention to the kittens who can display bad behavior.This is not the normal for reputable breeders.Remember there are two sides to every story.We spend quality time with all our cats taking them out side for walks car rides and lots of play time.I encourage further researh before making statements on how bad this breed is.There is a lot of information out there good and bad

    05 Jul 2015

    You choose to purchase a purebred unnatural crossbreed, instead of adopting a domesticated cat from one of the thousands of shelters and rescue groups. It is nice that you did your research, and that your breeder is responsible, but I doubt not that you love your cat, but that you love what your cat is and the prestige that you think it brings you.

    Amber Veeg
    15 Jul 2015

    Don\'t breed or buy while homeless pets die. There are NO good breeders. They worsen the already tragic situation of
    over-population. I have known some VERY cranky \'pure breeds\'. Note : my domestic short-haired has a wonderful,
    steady nature. Encouraging the breeding of dogs and cats is totally unethical. I have worked in a dogs\' refuge and so-called pure breeds are not immune from being dumped. Even beautiful Siamese etc. cats find their way to homeless shelters.

    Joan Noonan
    1 Years Ago

    Left a message on the hot line at Avila beach resort a seagull with badly broken wings on the beach. Please help him

    Theodora Elson-White
    1 Years Ago

    Of course this message echoes Pope John Paul 11\'s lengthy New Year message on The Care of the Planet (6 January 1990). Have we learnt anything in 25 years? Not much. As long as people abuse animals (and the environment), we will continue to abuse humans. And it is unimaginable how many wars and deaths have occurred in the name of religion.

    Rosemary Martinez
    1 Years Ago

    I have a comment I wish that all beloved pet are saved and also to get Asia, Thailand, China , and Korea yo stop the slaughtering and meat trade of our beloved pets get these countries to understand. Thanks.

    Cat Guardian
    1 Years Ago

    You need to take PETA off your cruelty hotline list! They are NOT companion animal friendly. They feel that companion animals are better off dead, and they have killed and continue to kill nearly 100% of the animals they take in; some don\'t even make it back to their facility before being killed. Plus, they treat them.with extreme disrespect in death by tossing them out like so much trash. TAKE PETA OFF OF THIS LIST!!! THEY ARE COMPANION ANIMAL HATERS, THIEVES, AND KILLERS/MURDERERS.. NOT RESCUERS!!!

    Concerned lover of animals
    11 Jul 2015

    Please fill explain to me what your experience is regarding PETA. Did you witness these killings and disrespect after the animals\' deaths?

    1 Years Ago

    Why can\'t we use murderers and rapist that are in prison and on death row for experimentation? I am sick and tired of supporting this type of scum. These poor animals are innocent this human scum is not. There are several people who agree with me. An eye for an eye. It is the right thing to do.

    Georgia Crane
    16 Jun 2015

    i very much agree with testing labs could use these convicts on death row. And they could also use convicts that have life sentences. All they do is sit in these prisons costing tax payers. They might as well use them for something.

    June Austin
    1 Years Ago

    I very much would love to be a part of the Animal Rescue Program. Please tell me how to move forward in that direction.

    Katie Shoub
    1 Years Ago

    I\'m interested in becoming a part of the Animal Rescue Program in WV and KY.


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