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Animal Rescue Hotlines

Find Local Hotlines to Help Rescue Abandoned, Injured, Stranded, Sick, and Lost Animals in Need.
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    9 comments on “Animal Rescue Hotlines”

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    melissa suarez
    1 Days ago

    Let\'s do something about this.....!!!! Before we know it, they will be extinct!!!

    deborah borrego
    3 Days ago

    Please add me

    5 Days ago

    Too many pop-ups on this site

    Dee Russell
    20 Days ago

    u would like to toss Vicky Keahey of In Sync Exotics in Wylie, TX in the mix. This is a big cat rescue that has suffered through distemper lost several cats to it but she never gives up. Please research her you will see what awesome work she does

    Pam McConnell
    21 Days ago

    First off, we need to get rid of the lobbist. And no matter what name you put on it. Animal abuse is against the law!!!!

    Barbara Smith
    1 Months Ago

    Barbaric heart aching it has to stop why do they allow this???? They are suffering so :\'(

    Debbie Marsden
    1 Months Ago

    Caged animals, fish in aquariums, beautiful birds of prey hooded and restrained for performance, snakes, lizards and spiders in tanks again for our sake. When will we ever allow animals to run free on this planet as we do ?!!

    1 Months Ago

    The article about Tennessee walkers has a picture of an American Saddlebred. For our horses to do their job, they must be happy and sound. ASB do not do their job if their are sore. The author should do their research and check FACTS prior to releasing the article. The author was completely wring. An apology should be issued to the owner and trainer of this ASB and the author should NOT be allowed to write for this publication again, she wanted a reaction but lied in order to get one. The author is a liar and should not be published again.

    1 Months Ago

    When the hens that are no longer needed are killed and their flesh goes into "low grade products", does that include the flesh that is mechanically removed to be used in chicken nuggets or is it the flesh of the male chickens that are ground up alive?

    2 Months Ago

    So shocked by commonplace and utterly barbaric trapping, medieval bear baiting and keeping big cats in the USA - this is not the face of modern USA people know but I will tell everyone I know. I\'ve emailed Obama, we desperately need legislation on this.

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