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Animal Rescue Hotlines

Find Local Hotlines to Help Rescue Abandoned, Injured, Stranded, Sick, and Lost Animals in Need.
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    9 comments on “Animal Rescue Hotlines”

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    Joan Noonan
    7 Days ago

    Left a message on the hot line at Avila beach resort a seagull with badly broken wings on the beach. Please help him

    Theodora Elson-White
    9 Days ago

    Of course this message echoes Pope John Paul 11\'s lengthy New Year message on The Care of the Planet (6 January 1990). Have we learnt anything in 25 years? Not much. As long as people abuse animals (and the environment), we will continue to abuse humans. And it is unimaginable how many wars and deaths have occurred in the name of religion.

    Rosemary Martinez
    11 Days ago

    I have a comment I wish that all beloved pet are saved and also to get Asia, Thailand, China , and Korea yo stop the slaughtering and meat trade of our beloved pets get these countries to understand. Thanks.

    Cat Guardian
    13 Days ago

    You need to take PETA off your cruelty hotline list! They are NOT companion animal friendly. They feel that companion animals are better off dead, and they have killed and continue to kill nearly 100% of the animals they take in; some don\'t even make it back to their facility before being killed. Plus, they treat them.with extreme disrespect in death by tossing them out like so much trash. TAKE PETA OFF OF THIS LIST!!! THEY ARE COMPANION ANIMAL HATERS, THIEVES, AND KILLERS/MURDERERS.. NOT RESCUERS!!!

    17 Days ago

    Why can\'t we use murderers and rapist that are in prison and on death row for experimentation? I am sick and tired of supporting this type of scum. These poor animals are innocent this human scum is not. There are several people who agree with me. An eye for an eye. It is the right thing to do.

    Georgia Crane
    16 Jun 2015

    i very much agree with testing labs could use these convicts on death row. And they could also use convicts that have life sentences. All they do is sit in these prisons costing tax payers. They might as well use them for something.

    June Austin
    21 Days ago

    I very much would love to be a part of the Animal Rescue Program. Please tell me how to move forward in that direction.

    Katie Shoub
    24 Days ago

    I\'m interested in becoming a part of the Animal Rescue Program in WV and KY.

    25 Days ago

    I have an idea about getting food for the animals

    25 Days ago

    I love animals and I hate them in and slaughtered and killed descendants and creatures too many of them being yo we need more I ever had the money out with l how I love

    Gayle Sokolsky
    1 Months Ago

    It\'s wonderful that our elephants will eventually not have to tolerate such abuse from circus and other shows, but I am outraged that they will have to suffer for almost THREE more years! They should be freed immediately. It is NOT THEIR PROBLEM that current owners have to make other arrangements to make a living. They have been abused for much too long and this should not continue ONE MORE MINUTE!

    29 Jun 2015

    We humans, before we destroy this earth and kill as many living creatures as possible will one day destroy ourselves

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