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Animal Rescue Hotlines

Find Local Hotlines to Help Rescue Abandoned, Injured, Stranded, Sick, and Lost Animals in Need.
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    9 comments on “Animal Rescue Hotlines”

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    5 Days ago

    I would like to Thank each one of these organizations who unselfishly give their time, homes and hearts to the unfortunate pets who were abused by hideous people. Creatures of The Animal Kingdom don\'t even treat one another like this. Like I\'ve said before, "God should of taken a two day weekend." Anyway, I cannot believe some of the things I\'ve seen. I\'ve been looking for a purpose in my life. Just don\'t know how to start. To maybe Foster, learn how to rescue...something like that. Love animals..always have. Thank you again!

    1 Months Ago

    I\'m trying to read the article about what you are doing that annoys your dog. But your site has so much crap on the screen (advertising your services I guess) that I not only don\'t want to read the article anymore - I never want to see your name again.

    08 Sep 2014

    Wow. You are really angry and I think also mean...why so angry? This is a person who cares about animals as we do...calm down .

    1 Months Ago

    I would really love to read your site, but as it is, I find it VERY annoying and I\'m pissed every time I click a link that takes me to your site, because though I would LOVE to be able to read the stories, whomever you had design the site has the right panel covering the last letters of the words in the right margin.
    I have done everything I can to try to adjust my monitor, and being as it is only messed up on your site, and the hundreds of other sites I visit a day are fine, and no amount of adjusting I can do makes your site any better, the problem is on your site.
    I can;t even recommend your stories and share them because of the positioning of the right panel.
    We\'re not even going to get into the pop up for the newsletter that should pop up ONCE, or the auto play vids.. they\'re minor compared to not being able to actually read the site.
    Oh, and I comment her, because this is the ONLY way I can comment about something, there is no webmaster link, no contact us... nothing that tells who you are, your mission and so on.. something else that I find very suspicious.

    Carol Bradstreet
    11 Aug 2014

    If you click the "about us" button on the top right hand of the page, it has info on contacting GM, etc. I have that same problem on another website, (not GM), and it drives me crazy. (I am not affiliated with GM, by the way.) Hope that helps you out.

    Isabel Avila
    2 Months Ago

    Please in the page you talk about countries that banned the use of animals in circus put Colombia (with o) instead of Columbia.

    And as I understand what is not prohibited by law is circuses with dogs, cats, horses and other pets. And "on the criticism of the law, which focuses on circuses and animal shows excludes other like bullfighting, the "corralejas" (running of bulls very popular on the Atlantic coast), or cockfighting"

    Kim Shane
    3 Months Ago


    Apollo Support & Rescue, they have been featured onthe news mmultiple times.

    Leah Augustine
    4 Months Ago

    I took my daughter to the circus (I\'d never been) when she was 5. When the animal\'s came out I was in shock at the obvious cruelty.BBetween the unreasonable demands, unnatural "tricks",the equipment used for these things and the them being made to wear horrible costumes under hot lighting and surrounded by all the noise. My heart just broke. We stayed only to not upset this very excited little girl. But after I explained it wasn\'tnnatural for these amazing creatures and how it looked fine they were hot and in pain. We never went back and never will. Thank god I had such a smart, heartfelt little girl that understood what I said and felt great sadness for them. She even"demanded" we write a letter to the powers that be to help change this ungodly farce of entertainment.
    Nothings changed and that was 15yrs.ago.
    It\'s all about the great ol\'mighty dollar and always will be. We can only do so much as long as people continue to condone it and pay the $ for this sin of entertainment.
    *Blessings to all the amazing, intelligent, sensitive animals out there without a voice, that is why we MUST speak for them*

    4 Months Ago

    I like Sea World. I take my kids there to learn about sea animals in a way no textbook can.

    Rita Stevenson
    28 May 2014

    Watch the documentary
    Blackish and then tell me about it,

    Janine Martin
    4 Months Ago

    I am searching for my dog, Been 14yrs old black lab mix & my cat Clifford who\'s 4yrs old gray & white tuxedo looking .they were stolen from me by my next door neighbors who said that they would care & watch them as I had to leave suddenly due to someone who held me hostage in my own home. I sought help from the police who sent me to a shelter for abused women. When I returned to get my pets the neighbors refused to return my pets. I have documents stating these pets are mine & visited their vet regularly. Been is supposed to be on medication;but I have no idea if he\'s getting his medicine, Clifford is afraid of people & noises. They survived an apartment fire in June of2013 while I was at work. We\'ve gone through a lot together & I just want them back. The neighbors who stole them are Mark & Sara Lee of Decorah Iowa. Anyone with information please contact me @(608)343-1858 .thanks Janine Martin

    steve crosson
    14 May 2014

    i saw your post and have nothing to offer except how sorry i am and offer my support to you just as being an animal
    lover. we have 6 cats and are near our 70\'s and they are our lives. they give us so much happines, love and laughter.
    i am so sorry you are going thru this. much aloha, steve

    Rita Stevenson
    28 May 2014

    I\'m so sorry about your situation. Go see a lawyer at a Community legal clinic !
    Your neighbors are guilty of theft,
    Call the Police, Go see them everyday, until they help you, But don\'t get angry.
    Call Animal Control, go see Animal Control Officers, at Humane Society,
    there is help out there for you, just do it,
    I hope you get your pets back, they are YOURS.
    Rita in Toronto Canada

    4 Months Ago

    SeaWorld Rescue Hotline

    1-800-541-SEAL (7325)
    Will rescue, rehabilitate, and rerelease marine life 24/7

    Joellen Anderson
    5 Months Ago

    For international folks:

    Delhi has a new animal care hotline that we are trying to build! The number is 1 800 2100 310.

    You can read more about the idea and how to use it here: http://www.slideshare.net/anandsiva/help-an-animal-anywhere

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