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Animal Rescue Hotlines

Find Local Hotlines to Help Rescue Abandoned, Injured, Stranded, Sick, and Lost Animals in Need.
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    9 comments on “Animal Rescue Hotlines”

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    Karin Gee
    8 Days ago

    Why is PETA listed here?
    With all the bad publicity regarding them I really don\'t understand them being listed as a place to rescue animals.
    I have not heard of one good caring thing this organization has done for animals.
    If I\'m wrong please correct me.
    If not, please remove them from this list before someone unknowingly uses them thinking they are helping an animal in need.
    Please do this ASAP.

    Vicky Robinson
    11 Days ago


    Rashmi Bhardwaj
    17 Days ago

    I always thought that the skin used for all the leather products was from the animals that were killed for their meat. Also, I was totally unaware of the dangerous nature of the chemicals used for tanning. I will hence forth never ever use any leather product. I am guilty of using and liking them uptill now.

    Becky Bowman
    28 Days ago

    Natchitoches Parish Louisiana. Detectives seized 23 male and female pit bull dogs. They had several dogs had visible markings to head,throat and legs.Other items seized including a dog treadmill and pulley system attached to a nearby building to build the animals strength and latching whey protein and creation for muscle growth and several bottles of wound cleanser. The pit bull dogs were staked with chains less then 15 feet to various locations around the property. A chain link pin was also observed on property believed to be used for training or fighting dogs. Four of the dogs were euthanized.The animals are currently being cared for by the NPSO animal control division detentions center. Very thanks to the NPSO animal control taking care for these pit bull dogs. The abuser isn\'t the pit bull its the owner. I\'ve had 3 pit bulls in my life time. One died of drunk driver drove into our yard & kill our pit bull. His name Brutus. Ginger she love life. She love to get in a kid swimming pool & slpash. 2 years later I end up getting a boxer cuz she was in a nasty environment. We name her gyspy & ginger took her in & they play & play, they always together, until one day we had to put ginger down .She was my girl & yep I stay with her cuz I wanted her know I was there,she knew cuz I\'ll say wag ur tail & she did & my voice was the last thing she heard. Now gyspy wouldn\'t eat she whin & whin she miss her ginger & so we went got another pit bull & name her Malibu. Gyspy is happy she got Malibu in her life & Gyspy takes care of her. Malibu loves her always together & they slept together . We are the lucky ones to have them in our family. Would I get another pit bull yep cuz they\'re caring & loving dogs.

    tulin yurdakul
    07 May 2015

    I am in the group of Göktürk Animal Lovers Group at Istanbul Turkey.There are only 2.000 unowned stray dogs in our area. We are running after them to save the babies, to operate the adult males and females, to treat their sicknesses and to find the lifetime owners who will love them.
    We are trying to establish campaigns to close down the pet shops that sell exported animals to the country. Dogas and cats are not toys to be bought and given as gift at Valentine days or to make happy the children on their birthdays if people does not know anything about how to raise them and after 2 months throw to the streets.
    Abusing animals is a crime. The ones who does must heavily be punished by the laws. Not only money penalty also jail.
    Yesterday one of the Courts decided 3 years unforgivable jail punishment to an university student who killed his cat by knife and took this to the video and sent to his friend. Any person can do these horribable things to the animals has also potential to do it to the humans. This type of people also has to be treated physcilogically.
    We are trying to be more organized officially. Any suggestions welcome.

    Msg. Tuskan
    1 Months Ago

    Animal abusers, especially the intentional ones, should be harshly punished. They are jackasses who are sadly very unhappy people; they are selfish idiots and I have no tolerance for such pathetic individuals!
    There just is NO EXCUSE for their horrendous acts. Give these SAD individuals the HARSHEST PENALTY .... after all, how can they possibly question being treated exactly the same way they treat animals?

    1 Months Ago


    Rhana Wyble
    1 Months Ago

    I\'m interested to see how people respond to the new documentary on Elephants coming out and hoping it will stir up people\'s emotions like Blackfish did. Elephants do not belong in captivity or away from their family. You can see the sadness in their eyes and although I am an avid lover of all animals, it breaks my heart into pieces to see an elephant in a zoo or as a slave by his/herself used to give rides or just stand there all day earning it\'s master tips. I see the human with that bull hook in pictures and wish I was there so I could rip it out of his hands and beat the human with it. I wait for the day that all elephants will know freedom and be with their families. I pray for the day NO ANIMAL is EVER HURT AGAIN.

    Shikha Chakravarty
    1 Months Ago

    I cannot support your interest in Tigers in Thailand temples before you do something about the plight of tigers in China\'s tiger farms. Don\'t go for the lesser evil or try cosmetic changes. Why nurture a grudge on the arrangement for tigers in Thailand\'s temples if you cannot do something about the treatment of tigers in tiger farms of China?

    karen weston
    1 Months Ago

    the dog rescues of the world need to look in to the use of calcium chloride in a 20% ethanol solution that is injected by a veterinarian into the testicles of male dogs, it costs less than a couple of bucks and will neuter the male dogs, this could potentially start controlling the homeless dog problem in the world which is also a public health problem also...because of the low cost, this has the potential to actually do some good..

    Donna Brumfield
    1 Months Ago

    Yes, I want to see the harshest punishment contingent to law for the cruelty done to these defenseless and precious animals. My question is always" WHY"? Why indeed would anyone want to abuse something that just wants to be loved? I\'m a woman and in my sixties but trust me when I say that I would love to go confront these abusers and do to them what they have done to these animals.

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