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About Us

One Green Planet is a platform for the growing compassionate and eco-conscious generation.

We officially launched in 2013, with the goal of redefining "green," because, well, the earth needs a media company that’s really got its back!


Our goal is to help create a world where we eat delicious food and use amazing products that provide us with maximum benefit and have minimum impact on the planet.

We plan to make this vision a reality by focusing on:

1. PEOPLE: Informing consumers about the downstream environmental impacts of their lifestyle habits and providing tools and resources that empower them to make better choices.

2. INDUSTRIES: Supporting companies that are reimagining products and entire industries to be more sustainable.

3. POLICIES: Using the power of online media, grassroots activism, outreach, and partnerships to shape people, animal and planet-friendly policies.

With over 6 million monthly visitors, we are the fastest growing (and largest!) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal welfare issues, environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living. If that’s not enough, we also just happen to be the biggest vegan/plant-based food and recipe site on the Internet.

So, abandon your preconceived notions and labels. Together, let's reimagine the way we eat, buy and think.

Join our movement of forward-thinkers, conversation-starters, and change-makers today, and unleash your Green Monster!


1. #imagreenmonster: Tell the world what makes YOU a Green Monster!

2. #EatForThePlanet:  Take control of the damage being caused by animal agriculture and show the world how the fork can be an incredibly effective tool in the fight against climate change.

3. #CrushPlastic:  Take action to cut plastic waste at the source and give marine life a fighting chance.



Nil Zacharias
After more than a decade working in the digital media space, at companies like Yahoo!, DoubleClick (acquired by Google), PwC Advisory, and as an attorney specializing in privacy and intellectual property law, I decided to parlay my passion for the environment into building a purpose-driven media company. I oversee strategy, editorial, and social media at One Green Planet. I also write about sustainable business trends, enjoy art, and can play a wicked bass-line for "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine. (Don't doubt this. Tens of people have seen me do it. It's completely epic.) I believe the environment, animal and food movements are interconnected and I'm on a mission to take conscious consumerism mainstream. To learn about me and the One Green Planet story, listen to my interview on America's #1 Sustainability Radio Talk Show, "Green is Good." Follow me on Twitter @nilzach


Preeta Sinha
My passion for animals goes back as far as I can remember, it led me to focus on animal/wildlife photography during my college years in Mumbai, India. I spent hours in the darkroom with my tongs - developing, fixing, washing, and drying photos repeatedly to showcase the colors, eyes and emotions of various animal species. I spent time volunteering at local animal shelters, and cared for numerous homeless dogs in and around my neighborhood. When I moved back to NYC (also the city I was born in, give it up for Queens, NY!), I began a career in online publishing. I worked for companies like iVillage (acquired by NBC Universal) and UGO Networks (acquired by Hearst Corporation) where I was responsible for building online products, developing strategic partnerships and finding creative ways to work with the emerging businesses and technologies. Always looking for a way to reconnect with my passion (or obsession, you know, potato-potah-toe) for animals and eco-conscious living, I started One Green Planet. My day-to-day involves handling all product vision and overall operations.


GOJI BERRY: CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICER | I don't need a woofing email


Firstly, how dare you? But if I must, as a yogini, I find myself often pondering life and the cycle it follows for all of us. We're all interconnected. For example, when I see a squirrel happily scampering up a tree, a chain reaction begins in me that causes me to lose my ever loving mind. But then, you throw me a ball, and I'm like OMG! You see? Connections. Bottom line, I hold degrees in cuddling and belly rubs from UC BARKley and HOWLvard respectively, which makes me an expert in being the happiest being ever. I run a tight ship here and only offer kisses and snuggles to those that help my fellow furry-bottomed soldiers out on the field. Namaste.



When it comes to the planet and animals, I will leave no stone unturned, no valley unexplored, no environmental issue unresearched and no puppy un-cuddled. We live in a beautiful world full of resources that we have to protect. Like, you can't just run down to the Duane Reade and hit up the cashier for more rhinos and have him be all, "Oh yeah, they're in aisle 7 next to the polar ice caps and plots of Amazon Rainforest." Hey, helping people connect the dots and take action for the planet is my thing. That's me.

SAVIN VIJAY: TECHNOLOGY | [email protected]


My name is pronounced "seven", now if that isn't EVERYTHING, then I can tell you that I can code in seven languages, have seven meals a day, my workstation has seven screens and "Seven" is my favorite movie. But enough about me, right?! I am the guy who fixes problems that you didn't know we had, in a way you don't understand. I eat glitches for breakfast, battle code for lunch and deal with evils of 404 errors & slow loading times for dinner. I make the engine behind this monster-of-a-platform run smooth like vegan/palm oil-free/organic/gmo-free/ butter! I still have about 50 characters to go on this bio so here you go...Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, quam morbi, sed nunc. Vestibulum dictumst, massa in sollicitudin mauris integer.


Aisling Cronin, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

I toil away sniffing out the most delicious, scrumtrulescent, mouthwatering, vegan recipes to bring to you. It's a tough job, filled with late-night vegan donut cravings and yearnings for beet burgers. I’m here to ply you with amazing plant-based recipes that are kind to you, animals and the planet. So, what are you waiting for?! Eat up! When I'm not double dipping myself in the recipe blogosphere, you can find me among the racks of vintage thrift stores, seeing horror movies, talking loudly about my dog or discussing/watching independent professional wresting.


Ivano SarubbiWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy and moved to NYC 10 years ago. I​'m the guy who uses every creative vein in his body to come up with cool graphics and badass animations for you while making sure that my own style remains creatively cruelty-free. I want you to be all, "Wow, that is a wicked rad stop-motion video...and I learned something important big time!" Did you know that even when brands state their products are "not tested on animals", they can still have animal ingredients IN them? Now, that's just messed up! I am the dad of two beautiful cats, five birds, five fish, and a tortoise (all named after Disney characters).

JAIME MISHKIN: SOCIAL MEDIA | [email protected]

Jaime MishkinWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

I may or may not have done a 3-month trash/waste-free bike trip across the country. Oh you really wanna know? Just google it and the truth will set you free! I'm here to create resources that will help you live the way I do! When I'm not typing away trying to highlight the most incredible stories, you can find me chowing down, riding my bike, reading, writing, or (almost definitely) thinking about what to make for dinner!


Veronica ChavezWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

Wanna know where to grab an insanely good vegan burger at midnight? How about how to cook like a pro, even if your kitchen is the size of Harry Potter’s bedroom? I know you’re dying to know which vegan cheese is a must-have for all your pizza cravings. I spend my days figuring out the answers to these and the many other pressing questions that arise when trying to lead a cruelty-free lifestyle. Well that, and how big of a backyard I have to get for my future pig to romp around in. I’ll be your green spirit guide, and teach you everything I know about delicious plant-based food, eco-friendly companies, and how your actions can make this planet all that much better. So, come on! Let’s get green together!


Aisling Cronin, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

I adore everything that creeps, crawls, slithers, trots, swims or flies. For every uplifting or harrowing animal-related story out there – wherever there is a reason to celebrate, or a reason to get up and help – I want to make sure you hear about it. I’m your animal police, if there is a creature who happens to be under threat because of human foolishness, I want to shout about it and get you all to do something about it. I consider it an honor to use my voice to help those who have none … and if I can do that while sighing over yet another adorable kitten video (hey, there can never be too many adorable kitten videos in this world, right?), all the better!


Rhea Parsons, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

I crack away day in and day out veganizing recipes. I'm serious. Got a traditional Jewish recipe that you want to fool your bubbe with? I've got you covered. Wanna have a bunch of people over for brunch with no meat on the menu and you're sweating bullets that they're gonna be all, "What's this? I'm afraid of this?" Never fear! I've got your pancake, vegan sausage, quiche or any other familiar favorite needs on lock. From global flavors to that food cart down the street, I can unleash the yum from any traditional recipe using pure plant power. Living a compassionate life should NEVER mean sacrificing good food and I'll be there every step of the way to teach you the tips, tricks, tastes and tactics to feed yourself so well that going and staying vegan are not only a snap, but your dinner inspires jealousy.


Rhea Parsons, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

If you've ever wanted to be that person who grows stuff themselves, comes up with clever ways to reuse things 100 times overs or awes your friends by DIY-ing everything, I'm the guy to help you. I'm here to teach you about permaculture, upcycling and green gardening all while spitting out tips on hacks like Eminem spits lyrics. The best part is, you don't even need to tell your roommate that you got that wicked cool idea for turning an old school CD rack into a lid holder for your pots and pans from me. Just say you came up with it on your own, I don't need the credit. I'm a giver like that.


Corinne Henn, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

While the world is keeping up with the Kardashians, I'm helping you stay on the beat with the REAL Cougars in the wild! It's all about perspective, ya dig? Whether it means shining the spotlight on decrepit roadside zoos or revealing the old tiger in the backyard, I'm all over it like spots on a giraffe. It's like you can't just abuse a precious lion cub for selfies and not expect me to tell on you?! Conserving wildlife is all our responsibility, but it's mine to make sure you know what NOT to do.


Malorie Macklin, One Green PlanetWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

Think of me as your friendly eco-conscious alarm clock. I'm here to wake you up to the damage you are doing. I talk about everything from the carbon footprint of our food to our sick obsession with disposable plastics and everything in between. It's easy to use something once and trash it...but have you ever thought about how the animals who end up eating that trash feel? Hopefully you've never had to eat garbage, but I bet it's pretty darn nasty. So, let me help you decode climate change and show you how to be a compassionate human being.


Life MonsterWHAT I DO FOR YOU:

Contrary to what the illustrious and revered Kermit T. Frog says, it's totally easy being Green. You just need to know where to start! That's where I come in, I show you how to be a savvy consumer, fierce fashionista, creative do-it-yourselfer and all around kick-ass person without animal products, GMOs, waste, artificial chemicals, additives, pesticides or any other mystery madness. Kiss those scary, additive filled products good-bye and learn how to DIY! (Actually, don't kiss them. You don't want your lips on those. Seriously, I care about you. Step away from the chemistry experiment that is your floor polish. Shhh, it's okay. We can do this together.)



I'm a "foodie" and not just the eating kind... I'm the restaurant-hopping, experimental-cooking, cookbook-obsessed, kitchen-hacking, and vegan awesomesauce-adding kind (phew!). So yes, I'm the person who will share with you all such nuggets of noshing noteworthiness. I stay up at night dreaming up ways to cook with romanesco, combining turmeric and cardamom in a pancake just to see what happens and figuring out all of the different ways you can use silken tofu in place of dairy. I'm the plant-based Dirty Harry of food. So I just have one question. Do you feel hungry, punk? Well, do ya?


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