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About Us

One Green Planet is a lifestyle platform for the growing compassionate and eco-conscious generation.

We officially launched in 2012, with the goal of redefining "green," because, well, the earth needs a media company that’s really got its back!

With millions of monthly visitors, we are the leading online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.

We proudly create viral and thought-provoking content designed to inspire action, and are the fastest growing (and largest!) independent publishing platform focused on sustainable food, animal/environmental protection, and cruelty-free/green living. If that’s not enough, we also just happen to be the biggest vegan/plant-based food and recipe site on the Internet. YUM! (Yes, the food you eat is intrinsically connected to the environment).

So, abandon your preconceived notions and labels. Together, let's reimagine the way we eat, buy and think.

Join our movement of forward-thinkers, conversation-starters, and change-makers today, and unleash your Green Monster!


Nilesh Zacharias: Nilesh ZachariasNilesh has over 12 years of management, operations, policy and consulting experience in the digital media space. Most recently, he led ad policy as a part of Yahoo! Right Media's leadership team. Prior to Yahoo!, Nilesh worked at DoubleClick (acquired by Google), PwC Advisory, and was an attorney specializing in privacy and intellectual property law. Nilesh's passion for using media and technology as a force for good led him to start One Green Planet. He believes that the environment, animal and food movements are interconnected and is on a mission to take conscious consumerism mainstream. Nilesh oversees editorial, strategy and social media at One Green Planet. Most people are often surprised to know that prior to moving to NYC from Mumbai, India, Nilesh was a writer, artist and musician (yes, he slapped the bass in a rock band!). To learn more about Nilesh and the One Green Planet story, listen to his interview on America's #1 Sustainability Radio Talk Show, "Green is Good." Follow Nilesh on Twitter @nilzach

Preeta Sinha: Preeta SinhaBorn in NYC, and raised in India, Preeta always wanted to work with animals. She focused on animal photography during her college years in Mumbai, India, volunteered at local animal shelters, and cared for numerous homeless dogs in and around her neighborhood. Later, she moved back to NYC, which led her to an exciting career in online publishing. She was responsible for building creative partnerships and products at iVillage (acquired by NBC Universal) and UGO Networks (acquired by Hearst Corporation) by way of new and emerging technologies. Always looking for ways to explore her passion for animals and compassionate living, Preeta started One Green Planet, and the growth of the site led her to focus on it full time. She handles all product vision and general operations for One Green Planet. Preeta is also a serial decorator with an obsession for DIY green living, and she is on a mission to make everything in her NYC apartment "green."

Our Team

Nilesh Zacharias: Green Monster-in-Chief [email protected]
Preeta Sinha: Monster of Operations [email protected]
Goji Berry: Chief Happiness Monster/Fitness Expert/Yogini Pooch
Kate Good: Earth Monster [email protected]
Jenny Sloan: Monster of all [email protected]
Jaimi Dolmage: Buzz Monster [email protected]
Heather Williams: Health Monster [email protected]
Savin Vijay: Design & Development Monster [email protected]
M Montgomery: Monster Intern [email protected]
Hannah Williams: Monster Intern [email protected]
Anna Vallery: Monster Intern [email protected]
Monster Writers: Annalisa Palmer, Jonathon Engels, Libby Baker, Erin Trauth, Heather McClees, Rhea Parsons, Nicole Lana Lee, Jamie Steis, Peter Goldman, Taji Mortazavi, Joe Gallina, Caitlin Galler-Unti, Michelle Pugle, Amy Chessman, Jena Mazzio, Rachael Renee, Kelly Filkins, Charles Ely, Jacquelyn Marie Kovarik, Aisling Cronin, Jenna Bardoff, Rachel Curit, Abigail Greer, Visala Kantamneni, Jena Mazzio, Ariel Garlow, Hannah Sentenac, Samantha Lipman, Lauren Kearney, Patti Nyman, Robert Wayner, Catherine Gill, Elizabeth Buff, and Paula Fitzsimmons.
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